Online Communities and Forums

Online Communities and Forums for the Honda Shadow VLX and other model motorcycles:

Click here to see a list of links to great Online Communities and Forums filled with users who can provide a wealth of information and advice when customizing and servicing your VT600C/CD motorcycle.




Honda Shadow .net
Another great source for finding information on the Shadow VLX and all shadows.




A Delphi forum for both owners and admirers of the VT600 Honda Shadow VLX.*

Honda Shadow Riders Forum
A Delphi forum for all models of the Honda Shadow Spirit motorcycle.*

Shadow Riders Forum
A great forum for VLX Modifications. Also has Discussiona reas for all of the Honda Shadow models old and new.

Honda Shadow .NET Forum
Another forum for support of all models of the Honda Shadow.

Honda Shadow Garage - Forum
A forum board for all shadow models and engine sizes and all years.  

*Note: One membership to the Delphi Forums gets you access to all of the Delphi forums listed above.