Honda Shadow VLX Modification and Maintenence Links

Here you will find links to a wealth of information. This includes links to instructions on how to do such mods as: intake mod, re-jetting, 4* timing mod, clutch springs, hole saw mod, and much much more. 

Cycle Chaos

Cycle Chaos VLX Wiki Modifications Page


Factory Pro - Top of the line Jet Kit Product Sales & Support:

Factory Pro

Factory Pro - Carb Tuning


4 Way Flashers (for any bike)

VTX Cafe - 4 way Flashers - 4 way Flashers for $5


Seal Spoke Rims (How to go tubeless on any bike)

VTX Cafe - How To Seal Spoke Rims

ShadowRiders Spoke Rim Sealing


Radiator Shroud Fabrication

Make your own Radiator Shroud


Red Tech Design Mods and Links

Retech Design

Dual Carb VLX Pod Mod (Brand Prater)


Brandon Prater

Mods Links Page Mods

Factory Exhaust Holesaw Mod (Theory can be applied to all Shadow 750 models)

Shadow Sabre 4.2 Gallon Gas Tank Swap (requires fabricating a bracket/spacer)

VLX 4* Timing Mod and Clutch Springs Upgrade

Older VLX Dual Bulb Tailight Turn Signal and Brake Light Integration

Mofset Regulator & Rectifier Upgrade

Dual Carburetor Velocity Stacks Mod

ScootGeeks Airbox removal and Intake Mod

250 Size Rear Tire Mod

Removing the Stock Grips (Can be applied to all Shadow 750 models) Mods

Edelbrock Pro-Flo Air Cleaner Mod How To (Theory can be applied to all Shadow 750 models)

4* Timing Advance Mod and Clutch Spring Change How To (Theory can be applied to all Shadow 750 models)