Filters and Batteries

Air and Oil Filter Part Numbers

Here you will find a list of part numbers for stock and after market Air and Oil filters, and spark plugs from various manufacturers for the Honda Shadow VLX motorcycles.


Battery Part Numbers:

Stock: YTX9-BS

Yuasa Top Quality Lead Acid YTX9-BS Battery:


Air Filter Part Numbers:

Each generation of VLX has its own air filter:

Stock Air Filter - First Gen (1988 to 1998): 17205-mr1-000

Stock Air Filter - Second Gen (1999 to 2007): 17205-MZ8-G20

K&N Replacement Air Filter: HA-6088 (1988-1998 on left) and  HA-6199 (1999-2007 on right)


Oil Filter Part Numbers:

Stock: 15410-MFJ-D01

K&N Oil filter: KN-303

K&N Chrome: KN-303C


Note that the VLX utilizes the same oil filter as many other Honda Shadow models including the ACE 750 and Spirit 750. Here is a list of aftermarket oil filters that fit the VLX often available localally.

Wix: 51358 


Purolator: ML16817 

Napa Gold: 1358 

Fram: PH6017A 

Carquest: 85358 

Amsoil: SMF103 

AC Delco: PF2123 

Purolator Pure One: PL14612

Mobil: M1-108

Bosch: 3300