Getting Started

GET STARTED Modifying your Honda Shadow VLX 600

The following list is a great way to get started modding your stock bike, beginning with simple cosmetic changes and flowing into more advanced performance and cosmetic modifications that will both personalize and bring your VLX to life. Shop for specific parts for your bike at VLX VT600



Honda Shadow VLX Modification and Maintenence Links

Here you will find links to a wealth of information. This includes links to instructions on how to do such mods as: intake mod, re-jetting, 4* timing mod, clutch springs, hole saw mod, and much much more. 


Adjusting Your Ride Height

Raising or Lowering the Front Suspension and Lowering the Rear Suspension

The Honda Shadow VLX looks good from the factory with its nicely raked front end, attractive tail light, and soft tail rear suspension but as with any bike often a more aggressive look is sought after over stock such as a lowered front or rear end, longer fork tubes for a more aggressive raked look, and even converting to a rigid rear end.


Sprocket Change

Gearing and Sprocket Change Information

Changing the rear sprocket is one of the easiest modifications showing the greatest noticeable change of any modification in the ride-ability or performance of any of the chain driven Honda Shadow Motorcycles. Changing the size of the rear sprocket on the VLX 600 is a great way to make your cruiser style bike cruise. There are many sprocket combinations to find your desired gear ratio.


Jet Kits

Shadow VLX Jet Kit Part Numbers

If you are just adding a stock replacement K&N filter or Pipes a stage 1 rejet is in order. If you modify or replace your air intake for more air flow you will need a stage 2 or 3 rejet. An aftermarket intake, running pods, or velocity stacks on the carburetor(s) will require a stage 3 rejet with new needles, large main jets, and idle jets. Various manufacturers produce jet kits for the VLX, prices vary but so do standards and quality.




Any time a change is made to the air intake/flow, fuel delivery, and or exhaust rejetting and carb tuning may be in order, usually these are changed with aftermarket or modified exhaust and intake. The exhuast may only require a simple fuel mixture screw adjustment on the carb, but an aftermarket intake or a modified stock intake requires more fuel to match the increased airflow which can only be corrected with a carb rejet.

Pulling the carb(s) apart for a rejet, cleaning, or rebuild is something that gets easier the more you do it, and may seem scary or difficult at first but is a necessary task for keeping your VLX tuned properly and sometimes running right. Below are a few pictures for reference to help you when working with the particular carburetor setup on your VLX.


Filters and Batteries

Air and Oil Filter Part Numbers

Here you will find a list of part numbers for stock and after market Air and Oil filters, and spark plugs from various manufacturers for the Honda Shadow VLX motorcycles.



Rim Relace

Front and Rear Rim Relace Information

Click here to see a listing of part numbers in order to relace the rear spoke wheel to a wider VTX spoke and to relace the front wheel to a different sized Honda rim. All Honda Sahdows utilize the same spoke counts so any modern Honda Spoke Rim can be relaced to any Hub, meaning on the VLX you can change your rim sizes giving you more control in your custimization options for your bike.


Popular Tire Sizes

Most Popular Tire Sizes / Brands for the Honda Shadow VLX

Making the change from stock tires to aftermarket tires makes all the difference in handling and even the look and feel of the bike. If you want a tire that looks skinnier than stock, or maybe wider you will find the size and a description of how it fits on both the stock and relaced rims here. At the bottom you will find a list of popular tire brands including available white wall options.



Engine Performance

Serious Engine Performance Modifications 

Wish your 600VLX engine was just a little big bigger?

Although there is no drop in kit, there is hope. A company that works with all kinds of big bore kits and more has the capability to make your dreams come true!


Electrical and Lighting

Shadow VLX 600 Electrical and Lighting

Want to run all LED turn signals, add driving lights, or eliminate your rear turn signals? Here you will find some information about the stock VLX electrical system and links and information on how to solve common problems when implementing a handful of electrical modifications to your Shadow.