Here you will find manuals for various years of the Honda VT600 VLX motorcycles.

Each PDF file can be viewed online or downloaded to your local computer or mobile device to assist you in servicing and working on your Honda Shadow VLX 600 motorcycle. We have provided both a copy of the owners manuals and two versions of the service manual to cover the many years the VT600 was manufactured.


Maintenance Schedule

Honda Shadow VT600 Maintenance Schedules

Click here to see the recommended factory service intervals for maintenance on the Honda Shadow VLX motorcycle. 


Maintenance Specs

Honda Shadow VT600C/CD Maintenance Specifications

Click here to see the factory recommended maintenance specifications and tolerances for such things as gaps, slack, free play, clearance, fluid types, capacity, part types, etc. for the Honda Shadow VLX. 


Torque Values and Tools

Honda Shadow VLX Torque Values, Tools, & Other Data

Click here for a quick view of commonly needed factory specified torque values for nuts, bolts, and connectors. For more information be sure to check out our Service Manuals.