VLX History

VLX Historical Information

Manufactured from 1988 to 2007, VLX production was stopped around the 25th anniversary of the Honda Shadow line of motorcycles with no explanation. Many changes have occured over its lifetime some large and some small but the VLX has always utilized a 583cc SOHC liquid cooled 52 degree V-Twin Engine and remained ultimately the same. There are two generations of the VLX the first generation were narrower, had dual carburetors and a fuel pump, and a single rear fender seat cowl with the tail light mounted on top. The second generation was wider, had a single carburetor with a gravity fed fuel system, a lower seat height, side covers and a different rear fender with an underside tail light. Torwards the end of the first generation some changes such as the fuel tank size and handle bar changes created a gray area but the core of each bike remains true to its generation.

(1988-1998 The VLX utilized a one piece rear fender. / seat cowl)

1988 - The Beginning

  • Production started in November of 1987,
  • Frame color matched paint
  • Candy Wave Blue or Candy Wineberry Red paint
  • Aluminum Engine Case and Valve covers
  • 27.2 inch seat height
  • 63.2 inch Wheelbase
  • 29.9 inch width
  • 2.4 Gallon Fuel Tank including .5 Gallon Reserve


  • The "Shadow" tank logo was changed to a script style


  • Due to a surplus from 1989 no VLX bikes were produced this year.


  • VLX returned to production
  • Frame color and body paint only available in Black


  • Candy Glory Red Paint
  • Candy Wineberry Red Frame

(1993 - 1997 Two Tone Paint Available on Deluxe Models)


  • Black Paint
  • Plastic Chrome Honda Logo Embedded into Triple Tree
  • Deluxe version VT600D introduced in limited production. Comes with chrome engine case covers, valve covers and air cleaner. Two tone paint Pearl Coral Reef Blue with oval Black tank inserts. Seat is soft and button tucked, not smooth.
  • Black frame used on all models


  • Gas tank was Widened to accomodate an additional .5 gallons of fuel
  • VLX now offered in two permanent trim packages: VT600C Standard and VT600CD Deluxe
  • Standard package paint was black, aluminum engine and valve covers, and air cleaner, and a smooth seat
  • Deluxe package paint was two tone in Red with Pearl White or Teal with Pearl White, chrome engine covers, valve covers, and air cleaner, and a button tucket seat


  • Handlebars changed to a wider bars with separate risers
  • "Shadow" tank logo was redesigned
  • VLX width now 35 inches
  • Deluxe paint options: Chandy Wineberry with Pearl White tank ovals or Pearl Purple with Pearl White tank ovals


  • Deluxe paint options: Red with Black, Black with Pearl Mint, or Pearl Purple with Pearl White
  • Fork Oil Drain Screw removed from Fork Lowers


  • Deluxe paint options: Magna Red with pearl Classical Cream or Black with pearl Shinning Yellow
  • Two Tone Paint includes Tank and Fender


  • Stainless steel footbegs replaced with cast aluminum pegs with wide O-Ring bands
  • Button tucked seat dropped from Deluxe models
  • Deluxe paint options: Black wiht Pearl Jade Green or Ocean Gray Metallic with Black

(1999-2007 Chrome Plastic Air Cleaner)

1999 - The Revamp

(The best selling motorcycle model worldwide based on 2000 survey)

  • Switched to Single 34mm Carburetor with a larger main jet, a smaller air cleaner element, and a coolant line to reduce fuel vaporization
  • Rear fender changed to duck tail style fender with separate side covers and chrome side rails
  • Tail light moved under fender
  • One piece seat changed to a two piece seat
  • Seat height lowered to 25.6 inches
  • Frame was narrowed reducing space leading to removal of fuel pump in favor of a gravity fed vacuum fed fuel line
  • Metal grill was changed to a plastic grill
  • Air cleaner changed to a chrome plastic cover
  • New trim package designation introduced: VT600CD2 with two tone Magna Red with Black tank inserts and a rear fender stripe
  • Deluxe (VT600CD) paint the same as standard (Black) with Chrome


  • CD2 paint options: Pearl Sedona Red or Pearl Halcyon Silver


  • Deluxe paint options: Pearl Sedona Red or Black with Chrome
  • CD2 Trim Designation dropped
  • Side Stand LED indicator removed from speedometer


  • Deluxe paint options: Pearl Bloody Red or Pearl Lightning Purple


  • Deluxe paint options: Blood Red pearl or Pearl Heron Blue


  • Deluxe paint options: Indy Gray Metallic or Candy Wineberry
  • VLX Decal removed from side cover and replaced with plastic chrome Honda Logo


  • Deluxe paint options: Pearl Fadeless Wite, Candy Blaze Orange, or Candy Lazurite Blue


  • Deluxe paint options: Candy Dark Red or Light Silver Metallic


  • Deluxe paint options: Candy Dark Red or Light Pearl Blue Metallic